Kitchen Garden

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Fresh herbs
every day

Fresh herbs right at your fingertips makes delicious cooking much easier and add to your enjoyment when preparing tasty food.

Easy to use

Simply take your store-bought herbs and place them in the orange herb holders on the capillary mats. Apply water to the growing base and turn on the light. Done! No need to remove the pots that the herbs come in. Larger pots do not need the herb holder.

Protect your herbs and reduce waste

Herbs will thrive and survive much longer when kept under ideal conditions. With Fiskars KitchenGarden™ there is much less throwing out of herbs gone bad.

Easy to clean

It’s elegant, durable and easy to clean. The plastic cupola is hand-washable and the base and herbs holders are both dishwasher safe.

Better cooking
with fresh herbs

Get inspired and learn more about your favourite herbs

Know your herbs
See the herb-wiki
Get inspired
See delicious recipes

Green in every way

It only takes 9W to spice up your cooking

40W light bulb

Fiskars KitchenGarden™

Questions and answers

Why is the cupola needed?

The cupola holds the moisture inside and protects the herbs from cold and draughts. Humidity inside Fiskars KitchenGarden™ is approximately 85%, which is much higher than normal room air (20-40%).

Questions and answers

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